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Clients' Voice

Spread across the country, we work with corporations in varied industries. Below we have outlined some examples of some of our more recent clients along with their testimonials to the levels of our service.


I like my Mandarin teacher. She is very experienced, very patient and flexible. For me, I think it is easy to learn with her. The school organization is fitting my needs, and arranges the course reasonable. However, at present, I have some difficulties with remembering the words, but I think it is quite normal when you learn a new language. Thanks for organization!


Zoltán Hervay

Four Seasons Hotel


I think my teacher is an excellent Chinese educator. She pushes me to understand Chinese in a way I have never had from a Chinese teacher before. If I ask a question (even if it's in English) she will always reply and try to explain in Chinese which forces me to think in Chinese. I really appreciate this fact. The learning process is adequate for my needs. I do not feel that we are going too slow or too fast. The pace is perfect for my needs and the content of each lesson is applicable to my needs. I am very happy with the services provided thus far.


Jason Stephen



I am happy with the Mandarin lessons. The teacher is engaged and fortunately patient with me. The right topics are addressed (as far as I can judge it). It is a lot of fun. For the school organization, I am much appreciated you always make the satisfaction survey, and service at any time. Unfortunately I don't have the time to enjoy the lessons every week because of travelling and business meetings. Nevertheless I am looking forward to learning as much as possible.


Habs-Henry Wendt

Vice President



We are very satisfied with our teacher Ms Rebecca. She is very friendly and professional. Demanding to complete homework and listen to our individual needs. And learning material (book) is good for us. Not too easy, but useful structure. After 4-5 lessons we are able to communicate in basic level in coffee shop or restaurant. The speed is challenging enough. Again, we are 100% satisfied with You Mandarin.

Gergely Molnár

Eli Lilly


My impression about "Aplus" is that it is a very serious organization with friendly and smiling people working in. This is a very important thing when you decide to approach a new language since a professional and warm environment is really the basis for a good work. I personally have already recommended Aplus to a couple of friends.

Federico Darwish



I am very happy with the classes. I like the style of the class and the content is appropriate. I think the teacher is understanding and helpful and the homework is a useful way to push us to do preparation outside of the class. Only issue I have is to try to make time to attend... but this is my own issue.

Alan Stapelberg



My teacher is an extraordinary teacher with excellent knowledge of both Chinese and English. She is putting time and effort to make the lessons efficient and fruitful. I am very satisfied and happy about that. Saying that, I think the Chinese classes are as good as they could be and I do not find any other ideas or suggestions for further improvements.

Said Zahrai





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