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Soft-skill training

Every worker, regardless of his or her position in an organization, must work at the highest possible level for teams and the organization to successfully execute on business objectives. Working at peak performance requires improvement in personal development skills, self-management and competencies such as:

· cross-culture awareness

· presentation

· time & efficiency management

· creativity

· business etiquette

· verbal and written communications

We focus on the areas of talent development, helping trainees to develop their personal potential, enhance the leadership and personal influence, strengthen the common skills of teamwork, improve managers' leadership and management skills, and continuously optimize the performance of enterprises and organizations.

At present, the company mainly serves chemical enterprises, auto parts, machinery processing, microelectronics industry, FMCG industry and other top 500 enterprises.

Sample Course Topics                                                                                                                                                                                        

Cross-culture Communication

Using E-mail Effectively in the Workplace

Making the Most of Your Presentations

Negotiation Skill

Meeting Management Skill

Innovation for Business: Creativity 101

Time Management

Goal Setting and Management by Objectives

Telecommunication Skills

Business Ethics Essentials

What We Can Do to Make A Difference                                                                                                                                                                 

A team of industry experts and mentors

Our mentors are not only trainers, they are industry experts with relevant professional knowledge and rich experience in the management of enterprises at home and abroad.


We believe that the success of any career coaching depends on how sustainable it is. That's why we exist.

Always linked to business

A successful career coach needs to be able to address real-life business needs. Your employees need to know that any theory, model, and process has clear and practical applications.

Hybrid learning methods

Action learning, video teaching, role playing, guided seminars... Differentiated instruction for all types of learners in a powerful way through a hybrid learning approach. Leave no one behind.

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Customize your learning plan

We will design customized solutions based on our clients' strategic goals and value orientation, combining our years of successful global experience with the latest scientific research and talent development concepts.

Closely integrated with the business

Learning that can be immediately applied to practical work is more effective learning. That's why our consultants use real business cases in their training whenever possible. Understand the needs of the students, combine the objectives of business strategy, and ensure the combination of theory and practice.

The service flow system is efficient

We design targeted courses through pre-training needs communication of enterprises and basic assessment of trainees, strictly monitor quality and evaluate the effect, provide more differentiated follow-up training Suggestions, hold offline customer salons from time to time, and provide long-term service to every customer.


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