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Chinese Culture Training

For thousands of years, China has been an important contributor to the diversity and splendor of the world civilization. Despite its well-acknowledged significance as an economic and political power, much less is known about its culture and much more is to be explored, to be felt, to be understood and to be appreciated. In this increasingly interconnected world, to maintain a truly global perspective, an understanding of China is indispensable

 Nowadays, more and more Chinese people are interested in Chinese traditional culture. Compared with previous team activities, team activities with Chinese cultural experience are welcomed by domestic enterprises. While learning and experiencing Chinese culture, team members not only relax their bodies and minds, but also achieve the purpose of cooperation with the help of cultural carriers. 

Sample Chinese Culture Program                                                                                                                        

Aplus cultural experience classes usually range from 3 hours to 1 day. The cultural experience content will be customized according  to the needs of enterprises. Our cultural courses are not only   suitable for Chinese participants, but also suitable for those  foreigners. 


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