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Our Faculty

We believe that the quality of teaching and services are crucial for a successful school. Therefore, APLUS is such a school that provides high standards of mandarin education by employing around 200 excellent language instructors from around China. Our instructors not only have at least Bachelors or Masters Degree in related fields, they also have at least 3 years of language teaching experience with approximately 1,000 hours. Their professionalism and knowledge have earned us compliments and respect from our students. 

Our teachers are not only distinguished by their academic achievements, but also by their interpersonal skills and devotion to training industry.

Furthermore, our innovative teaching method, specially adapted for trainees from corporate, has been proven to advance the pace of your language learning.

Some of our teachers:

Vivian has involved in teaching Chinese to individual learners during her stay in college. She is fluent in English and Mandarin. Her multilingual ability provides her with a deep understanding of linguistics. Her international trade background enables her to effectively bridge between eastern and western cultures. Vivian is one of Aplus' popular teachers among English-speaking students. The training feedbacks from her students are very positive. Some of her students have learnt wth her for over 5 years.

Ms Shi Yu has over 3 years of experience in teaching Chinese. She keeps teaching Chinese after graduated from the college. She specializes in teaching students from intermediate to advanced level. She has covered many different types of Chinese courses, including Oral Chinese, Business Chinese, HSK preparation, and Chinese Traditional Culture. She is a very passionate teacher and her classes are interactive.

Ms Zhang Jingyang has been involved in teaching Mandarin for more than 3 years. She is a passionate teacher  with high sense of responsibility. She think communicating with the students and adopting proper teaching methode and teaching content is very important for the students. Her classes are always interactive and interesting. She is good at combining grammar points and practical practices in her classes. Her students speak hinghly of her classes.

Beibei was graduated in Beijing International Studies University and was major in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. She has been teaching Mandarin to expatriates for over 8 years. She is professional in teaching survival Chinese course, Business Chinese course as well as HSK Test Preparatios. Her students come from different counties and different multinational countries including ALSTOM, EMERSON and VOLVO, etc.

Lydia is a professional Mandarin teacher with more than 5 years of teaching experience. She holds the IMCPI Certificate (International Mandarin Chinese Promotion Institute). She was a HRM in the multinational company, and understood the expats' demands clearly. Most of her students speak highly of her teaching. Her recent students are from H&M, Bunge, FCA etc.

Ms Yin Lixia is a professional mandarin teacher with around 3 years experience. She loves Chinese culture and always combines her classes with Chinese culture, in order to make the contents more practical and attracting. She hopes that more people could know Chinese language and Chinese cultrue.She has been given lessons to many students from different countries and she has won good reputation from her students.

Ms Du Xin has been involved in teaching Mandarin for around 3 years. She's a well going and caring teacher. Long-term teaching experience makes her a successful Chinese educator who possesses her own teaching system and methode. She always does good preperation and lesson review in order to better her teaching and self evaluate. Most of her students speak highly of her teaching.

Elena started her Mandarin teaching from 2010. She was firstly responsible for English and cross culture courses, followed by IPA Training. Her class is always enlivened with varied games and activities. She has also developed different methods to teach, such as preparing specific materials for students with relevant business background. Elena holds a IPA  (International Profession Certification Association) Quailification. She is now teaching Mandarin for the companies of Continental, FERRERO, ARUP, MAHLE, etc.

Before joining Aplus Training, Ms. Qiao Jiao taught Mandarin Chinese in Singapore, Netherlands and Tailand. She has rich overseas teaching experience, especially to teenagers. Qiao Jiao joined us after she returned to China. Her unique background helped her develop advanced teaching approaches. She is specially familiar with Chinese Teaching for HSK Test Preparations. Now she is one of the start teachers at Aplus Training Institute.

Elena, a Senior Chinese Language teacher with International Profession Certification, impressed a bunch of Mandarin learners under different nationalities, industries, positions and levels, by her unique advantage. Logical strategy, flexible practice, multi-experience including culture, fashion, business and life, she can bring a fabulous journey of Mandarin study to you. She is the corporate trainer for the companies of  Continental, FCA and BUNGE.

Ms Chen Qing has about 4 years experience in teaching Mandarin. She possesses the International Chinese Language Teachers Assosication Certificate of Qualification. She is a highly competent teacher with high sense of responsibility.She could accommodate her teaching method according to student's requirement. Moreover, she Most of her students speak highly of her teaching. Moreover, she was an excellent media editor and now she loves to write some book review at spare time.

Ms. Yang Shufang is with 6 years of teaching experience to the foreigner. she’s very passionate and enthusiastic towards teaching. She is continuously learning from senior teachers and improving her teaching skills. Her specialty is teaching Mandarin to the spouses and children. Her classes contains of learning games and role plays. Homework will be assigned to the students according to their needs and status. Yang Shufang is very popular amongst parents and their kids.

Yilia’s language and cultural background has provided her with unique advantage in understanding students’ needs so as to further develop solutions that are most efficient and rewarding. Familiar with both eastern and western culture, and the adequate teaching skills and experiences both in China and USA are all bringing her much more confidence when together with her students. Also her warmth, patience and cheerful soul will let the students feel more relaxed and comfortable!

As a Mandarin teacher, Jenny has over 5 years of experience, and has 7 years of experience in the Media. She is passionate about the work of teaching Mandarin and loves to expand Chinese culture. Jenny likes children very much. She is a patient, professional teacher. She often helps students to better adapt in China, the standard pronunciation, and lively verbs and complementary grammatical phrases, and interesting scenario exercises. She is an expert in teaching methods. Such as storytelling, group PK, role-playing. Also, she is good at sharing some different topics with students. Her Mandarin lessons let so many foreigners enjoy a wonderful time.

Ms. Wang Qi has been given Mandarin lessons to the corporate clients for over 4 years. She was major in Chinese literature and speaks English fluently. She mainly teachers suvival Chinese and HSK test preparations. She is dedicated to take students out of classroom for outdoor practice, which is very welcome to her students. Wang Qi enjoys her teaching job very much and is dedicated to making efforts in Mandarin training during the following years.

Vivi has been a Chinese teacher for 4 years. She is major in Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing International Studies University. Her teaching style is vivid and interactive, role plays are frequently used in class.  For the students who cannot guarantee the class attendance, she will teach via internet, which makes the student keep the learning pace. Also, her classes are not only indoor classroom training, but also outdoor language practice. She believes practice makes perfect. So far, the training feedbacks from her students are very positive.

Hattie has around 10 years experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language for large multinational companies and individual expats in China. She is currently responsible for giving Chinese courses to Ferrari China, and is also responsible for researching and developing courses for corporate clients. She is also the instructor of TCSOL (International Association for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) . Hattie holds a Bachelor Degree of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. She is the teacher for the VPs in Ferrari Maserati and FERRRO. Students love her because of her experienced teaching methodology and patience.

Inna is an excellent English teacher with international economy background. She has more than 5 years experience in teaching Business English. She has both certification of TESOL and Business English TESOL. She has pure British accent. Furthermore, Inna is a very patient, thoughtful and responsible teacher, all of her students speak highly of her teaching.

Christo, born and grew up in South Africa, comes from business background. He has been involved in English teaching for more than five years. Christo is always highly motivated and dedicated during the class. He possesses excellent training and teaching skills which ensure his perfect classes. He has received a lots of positive feedback from his students.

Timothy, has around 5 years' teaching experience. Skilled in providing academic assistance to assigned students individually and in groups, while working efficiently under high-pressure setting. As a successful language learner, he finds language learning is always about construction and deconstruction. He has his own viewpoint with teaching English to foreigners. He has gained a lot of positive feedbacks from clients, especially the business persons.

Eddie has been involved in English training for more than 10 years. He is in charge of conducting English classes to students in different English levels; developiong very specific teaching materials; conducting students' pre-assessment. He was also granted the TESOL certificate in USA. He is a teacher who is confident, competitive and always willing to take on a new challenge. Most of his students highly appreciate his teaching.

Isobe has extensive experience in both adult and kid English training. She's a well going and caring teacher. With professional knowledges and excellent teaching skills, Annette is a specialist in English training, especially business English. She always takes her students' interests into consider in order to motivate the students speak English in her classes as much as possible. Most of her students speak highly of her classes.

Dennis comes from sales and administration background and has been involved in German and English language training for more than 3 years. Skilled in providing academic assistance to assigned students individually and in groups, while working efficiently under high-pressure setting. Hands on experience in creating individual student based tuition programmes, and implementing procedures necessary to provide students with a better understanding of subject areas. Demonstrated ability to design and implement effective education tutorials, as well as lead and motivate students in a structured manner.

Ola is a self-motivated and well-organized teacher with strong background in foreign languages as well as Finance. She has excellent communication skills and intercultural sensitivity.  She could accommodate her teaching method according to student's requirement. Most of her students speak highly of his teaching.

Mercedes is an education professional with extensive experience in international and multicultural settings in higher education and corporate institutions. Her academic expertise spans the areas of teaching pedagogy, language acquisition, assessment, and curriculum development. She gains lots of postive feedback from the clients.

Tony has extensive experience in English training. Skilled in business English training, oral English training, grammar explaining etc.. He is a highly competent teacher, articulate and comprehensive. He could accommodate his teaching method according to student's requirement. Most of his students speak highly of his teaching.


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