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As the member of ITP (International Training Platform) under Chinese government, to date Aplus has provided Business English training to over 100 multinational companies in the Asia Pacific.

Our qualified Chinese teachers and foreign teachers will guide you to learn in a very efficiency way with their professional teaching method.

Varied Class Types                                                                                                                                                        

Aplus has different class types catering to the different needs of our English learners. There are 1 on 1 private class, small group class as well as Salons.

1 on 1 Private Class

Tailor-made courses according to the trainee’s demands (customized training to accounting, admin, sales, marketing, etc. We are also able to provide English training in varied industry,i.e. chemistry,   travel, hotel, auto, finance, etc.)

Small Group Class

For small group class, the participant number ranges from 2 to 8. Relying on the textbooks and handouts, the teachers will adjust the course contents according to the actual work needs of business people, and help them improve their business English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to the greatest extent.

Salon (Workshop) 

Maximum 25 persons each session. The workshops are mostly with a native English teacher on the topic of email writing, PPT Presentation, phone communication and  meeting communication, etc. Compared with the traditional English class, salon class combines language and culture, which is more interactive and has more participants' participation, and truly achieves learning in joy.


TEL: +86 21 31152815 /+86 21 60213791
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