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Aplus provides 8 main language programs. You can find your tailored course here. Our qualified Chinese teachers and foreign teachers will guide you to learn in a very efficiency way with their native pronunciations and special teaching method. Meanwhile, our course consultant will follow up your learning feedbacks to best our service to you. Learning a second language involves learning a second culture. We always integrate the language study together with culture learning, thus to make the language learning with fun.


Aplus helps companies analyze the English language skills needed by your staff. After a consultation session, we review and discuss the best training program for your company’s specific needs. We deliver tailored and comprehensive English training which focuses not only on your company’s objectives but also on your staff’s language needs. We are dedicated to producing quality courses which lead to positive goal-orientated results. 

Our Major Training Contents:
- Oral and written communication skills for managers and supervisors
- Oral communication skills for customer service staff
- Workplace English skills for admin staff and secretaries  
- Business writing for marketing staff and managers
- Hotel and restaurant communication skills courses for F&B staff, marketing staff, IT staff and housekeeping staff
- Professional presentation skills for senior staff
- Effective E-mail & report writing skills for various industries
The above courses serve as a reference only. Actual courses are tailored according to the specific needs of your company. We are always happy to discuss and recommend a program to meet your individual needs.


French is an independent language belonging to Indo-European Romance languages. It’s the secondly most used Romance language after Spanish. Now there are 87millions people using it as their mother language, meanwhile, there are another 285millions people are speaking it. As an official language (e.g. the United Nations and UN), French has its own pronunciation and way of thinking, so it’s not easy for Chinese to learn it. In hence, we will use role paly and scene simulation ways to make the class more interactive, relaxing and interesting.


German language is a Germanic language with regularity which is one of the most often learned languages in the world. We use pure German language environment to repeat vocabularies and grammars, training to have conversations with students in German. We hope our students can learn German culture and to experience the mysterious of German and let the complex syntax form conditioned in your head.


Italian is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Italian sounds very beautiful like a gentle wind. People praised Italian words like blooming flowers. Italian is known as the most artistic language and also the richest in the world of music. Professional Italian native language teachers will teach you with authentic Italian pronunciation through vivid, humorous, rich gestures. Our teacher will teach in a practical communication way, creating a relaxed and happy learning atmosphere, leading you to contact the Italian knowledge, art, music, food and fashion. We will try to let you thoroughly grasp the essence of Italian!


About 406 million people used Spanish as a native language. It is the world's second largest language, second only to Chinese. We employ Spanish teacher with authentic pronunciation, using the lively and interesting situation and cultural immersion teaching mode, letting you feel the Spanish enthusiasm and bold and unrestrained, generous, inertial thinking ability and cultivate Spanish language sense.


Dutch is the official language in the Netherlands. It is also one of the official languages in Belgian. Oral Dutch has many variations from standard to the regional dialect. The official one is used for public lectures, conversations, files, and university speaking. The oral is used in the family when talking with friends and countrymen. Our teacher insisted on using native Dutch, teaching through role play and simulations. We pay attention to the atmosphere relaxed and happy during the process of interaction, and with the combination of daily life scenes, repeat the application of idioms and vocabulary, let the complex syntax form conditioned reflex, in your mind naturally learn Dutch!


Although there is no accurate statistics on Japanese speaker, through the population of Japan as well as overseas Japanese people living abroad in Japan, Japanese consumers should be more than one hundred and thirty million people. With personalized curriculum, all kinds of simulations on real life scene, we cultivate your Japanese language sense and thinking ability directly into the real language of Japanese culture.


South Korean people use the same language and words, which is a decisive factor for their strong national generality. Korean has a close historical origin with Chinese, not only in words as well as pronunciation. Learning Korean needs repeated practice engaged in the real language environment with Korean culture. Try to be familiar with the Korean pronunciation, grammar, language and intonation. We will use lively teaching methods, simulate real life scenes, ad improve students' practical Korean ability from all round.


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